Cofundit changes focus!   

Cofundit has decided that to continue to support growth companies, a better approach would be to focus on supporting companies search for talent.  Young growth companies not only need financing, but perhaps more importantly they need to be able to build the team that will grow the company.  It is a well known fact that investors fund the people or the team behind a company.

Although the team is important, often young companies do not have the resources to search out quality talent, not having the budget to support head hunters or recruiting firms.  Additionally, candidates are also similarly hampered in having access to information on young private companies.  Information that they need to make an informed decision regarding opportunities in companies.

We at Cofundit, feel that we can support both candidates and companies, by utilitizing the Cofundit network.  While this necessitates a change of focus in our business, we feel that we can support companies better in this manner than through the traditional crowdfunding approach, which faces many regulatory challenges.

We look forward to supporting your growth!!!!!

The Cofundit team!

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