Cofundit changes focus!   

Cofundit has decided that to continue to support growth companies, a better approach would be to focus on supporting companies search for talent.  Young growth companies not only need financing, but perhaps more importantly they need to be able to build the team that will grow the company.  It is a well known fact that investors fund the people or the team behind a company.

Although the team is important, often young companies do not have the resources to search out quality talent, not having the budget to support head hunters or recruiting firms.  Additionally, candidates are also similarly hampered in having access to information on young private companies.  Information that they need to make an informed decision regarding opportunities in companies.

We at Cofundit, feel that we can support both candidates and companies, by utilitizing the Cofundit network.  While this necessitates a change of focus in our business, we feel that we can support companies better in this manner than through the traditional crowdfunding approach, which faces many regulatory challenges.

We look forward to supporting your growth!!!!!

The Cofundit team!
We are beginning the development of our second generation website.  The aim is to make our website easier to use and more intuitive for you the user.  

To accomplish this we need your feedback.  If you would like to participate, visit  and learn more.
Cofundit is happy to announce the opening of funding for Xemtec. We find this company interesting because they have developed a method to convert installed power meters into smart meters. Traditional power meters measure electrical consumption at a particular residence or business. Xemtec has developed an innovative technology that allows these meters to be read automatically, with this information transmitted to the business or resident, as well as the utility. This makes it possible for both the consumer and the utility to adjust their consumption or production of electricity.
As an important tool for our community, we have decided to change the look of our blog, as well as providing more frequent updates. Feel free to contact us or comment on the postings we make here!
Do you see an investment opportunity on our platform, but not sure you want to take the step of signing up as an investor to learn more? On the Cofundit platform there is no need to sign up to see the non-confidential details of funding opportunities.

However, if you want to learn more or be informed when there are webcasts organized around the investments, you should then register either as a member or as an investor. Remember, as a member you can always upgrade your membership to investor or entrepreneur at a later stage. Only investors have access to any confidential information shared by a company to support its funding request.

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